Mastermind Mondays

Are you running your own business and could use an outside opinion?

Our mastermind group can help you with that!

Do you have a challenge?

Sometimes we are searching for solutions so hard we overlook the best and easiest one. Having your own company means you have to decide everything. We all have doubts sometimes or don't have the answer. Join a group of businesspeople who want you to succeed! Bring your challenge and ask others what they think and what they would do.

Don't have a challenge right now?

Great, congratulations. Come and share your knowledge, advice and help others to get there too. What will you get out of it? Different points of view that will inspire your own business and the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded business people.

More about the event itself:

Monday Masterminds is an open group of businesspeople and everyone is welcome, no matter what your job role or stage of business. To make sure everyone gets the most out of it we will keep it in a small group. Book your ticket now to ensure you get your place.


8:45 - Breakfast and networking
9:00 - Introducing a challenge
9:10 - Questions
9:30 - Providing Solutions

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