Webinar - Try it: Assertive Communication Say what you want. Don't be weak, don't be rude, but assertive.

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Did you also find yourself adding words like simply, just, only, a bit in emails asking your colleague or client for the paperwork they should have sent ages ago? We've all been in a situation when we know we are right but still feel the urge to apologize for something or soften our words for a reason.

Karla Benske will give you tips how to act politely yet clearly and manage to say exactly what you want without unnecessary excuses.

She will share her own experience what was it like to come to UK from very straightforward culture in Germany and what she had to learn in order to adapt to a different culture.  

You can test and apply her advice during the course of the event at short role-playing scenarios we prepare for you. Or even better, you can come up with your own situation and test it in the form of a ‘real play’.


17:30 - Interactive talk and discussion
18:00 - Role/real play
18:30 - Q&A
19:00 - End

About Karla:

As a professional coach and the director of GritED Ltd, Dr Karla H. Benske (ACC), has always been passionate about enabling and supporting others to fulfil their potential.

Before starting her own coaching business, she worked in higher education for a number of years. Her roles included researching the transition into higher education, followed by a position to manage and coordinate an institution-wide initiative that developed strategies and practices to support the transition into university for students from diverse backgrounds.

She also worked as a lecturer in academic development, leading the FAIR Curriculum Project, that included an institution-wide development programme on Unconscious Bias at Glasgow Caledonian University.

She has been working as a personal and executive coach successfully for over three years now, specialising in supporting individuals in navigating and transcending major turning points in life and work.

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