Collabor8te Charity Cook Off If you've been a member of Collabor8te for a while, you'll know that food is a BIG topic of conversation in the, local food places.  We love to chat about it all.  And through Lockdown many of us got cooking even more so we thought it's time for a Collabor8te Cook-off!

Accept our two-ingredient challenge and show off your cooking skills.

You are given two ingredients you need to incorporate into your recipe but you can use anything else you have in your kitchen.

Tickets cost £5  and this will go to Simon Community, a local charity providing emergency shelters, food and other necessary things to homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless. in Glasgow (The ticket will be added to your monthly invoice.)  Find out more about Simon Community here.

How to join?

Choose one set of the ingredients from those below and get your ticket according to that. You can involve you family too of course and maybe have a glass of something while you cook.  Prop your phone up in the kitchen somewhere, chat and cook along! We have given the base ingredients which must be used and are looking for you to be as creative as you can!

Alena Challenge:       Mango & Rice
Teresa Challenge:     Sweet potato & Cinnamon

Think of what you want to roast, bake, flambée, fry, boil, etc. and prepare the rest of the ingredients you will need.

We will meet online at 17:45 and at 18:00 we set the timer for 1 hour when your dish should be ready.

There will be winners and prizes too.  The judges (Teresa and Alena) to score you out of 10 each for content and presentation.