Frisbee Golf Walk in the park with a bit of competition.

As it gets a little colder and travel restrictions continue, we've looked for a social activity we can still do together.  And we found it in frisbee golf at Ruchill Park (Glasgow)!
Following the current regulations, we will play in pairs against each other but also run a competition with all those taking part involved so there's the honour being the overall victor to play for ;-).  We can provide you with a frisbee if you don't have one (please let us know so!).

How does it work?

You are trying to get your frisbee into a basket with a minimal number of throws. There are several baskets that will take us around the park and the whole game will take us around an hour.

We will be playing in good weather only of course. Even if the weather is good, wellies might be a good choice since the grass might be a bit higher.

PS.: Dog is just an illustration, you don't need one to play :D  

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