Collabor8te Charity Cup Get fit, earn money for a charity and visit European Capitals.

What do you need to do? Just install an app and let it track your distance. 

The one who earns the most money within the month will win the Collabor8te Challenge Charity Cup.

We will also choose every month a charity that will receive the money. Please, let us know your favourite charity you would like to support. The first will be National Emergencies Trust

We put all the miles together and take you around Europe. We will regularly share where we are at the moment with interesting facts about the place.

How to start?

  • Let us know you are in

  • Install application Fit4Change (link below)

  • Choose Collabor8te Charity Cup in the charity list

  • Turn it on and exercise as much as you can

How does the app work?

  • Keep your phone on you and WiFi/mobile-data on when using the app.

  • The money your activity raises is paid from the advertising revenue generated by the Fit4Change.

  • Users are rewarded 5p per mile

  • Chosen charity will get 75% of the raised amount, 25% is kept by the app to cover costs

  • My Wallet displays the rewards that the user has gained from the activity, which are automatically donated to the chosen charity.

Download the app:



How to set up the app?

  • Mobile Data - on (must be on at the start and end of an activity so it the distance is recorded)

  • Location Settings - always

  • Background App Refresh - on

  • Notifications - on

  • Location Mode - High Accuracy (not Battery Saving or Device only)

Please, get in touch if there is any trouble, we will take you through all the settings and solve it.

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