Try It: A Taste of Mindfulness

Why don’t you come along and try a new way of eating your lunch?

All you need to bring is yourself (in reasonably comfortable clothes), some lunch to eat and some curiosity.

We’ll do some gentle stretches and leave the morning behind, you’ll hear a bit about mindfulness and learn a short sequence you’ll be able to use in the future to recalibrate and then – we’ll eat lunch together, but with a difference.

About me

  • I worked as a family lawyer for 42 years and realised  early on that although the law could provide remedies, it usually worked best as part of wider changes in how clients felt about their situation

  • I became involved in various initiatives to explore how to make it all more three dimensional and about 30 years ago, also trained as a mediator

  • I retired from legal practice a couple of years ago but continue to work as a mediator and trainer

  • For the last 30 years I have been in a Zen Buddhist group which helped me navigate the challenge of running a business and helping clients going through stressful times 

  • I was interested to see the increasing popularity of mindfulness with a close link to evidence based  positive outcomes from the practices

  • I’ve now completed training as a mindfulness teacher

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