Vedic Meditation Introduction Description:

Understanding Stress On The Body and how meditation can help you deal with the daily juggle.

With an open forum style theme to the session. Cam will discuss how modern stressors are affecting our body unconsciously and how the accumulation of minor stressors begins to damage our mental and physical wellbeing.

There will be a visual description, meditation exercise and Q&A.

About Cam:

Cam Cooney is a fully qualified Vedic Meditation Teacher. Teaching 3 Day Beginners Meditation courses in the heart of Glasgow.

Cam came across meditation when he was 19, at a time in his life when he couldn’t see much light but meditation changed that from within. From that moment on, he set out on exploring as many meditation techniques as possible - taking him all around the world to learn under some of the most respected teachers the world has to offer.

At times, he spent up to 15 hours a day, for months at a time in meditation. Experiencing the power of the mind and body.


10.00 - Arrival

10.15 - Cams story

10.25 - Brief Q&A

10.35 - Stress On The Body

11.00 - Exercise

11.15 - Q&A

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