Business Bites: Confront Your Google Analytics - Understand Your Business Digitally!

What’s the Course about?

This 1-hour Business Bites overview is for Collabor8te members and non-members who have Google Analytics setup and on their website but have little to no clue what to do next.

Alan Fair from Contact will take you through a value-packed overview of the basics of Google Analytics. He’ll cut through a whole bunch of features to give you some simple, useful, very practical tips that you can walk away with and implement right away.

Use this new understanding to make better more informed business decisions using accurate data, especially useful when you’re spending money on a marketing budget to send traffic to your website and you don’t know if it’s worth it or not.

 What does it cover?

   - Overview of settings to get the basics right.

   - Understand why it’s important to set up goals and what things you need to consider.

   - Clean up your data so you’re making informed decisions on data.

   - Understand how to compare data year on year, month on month.

   - Know where your traffic is coming from both geologically and the source.

   - Discover how good traffic from Social Media Channels re doing on the website.

   - Get an overview of what some of the main columns mean and how to effectively tell a story with numbers.


If we have time the bonus topics we can discuss are:

    - See some keywords your website is showing for and what the average positions are.

   - Discover keywords you might want to focus on.


What will the benefits be?

At the end of the presentation, Collabor8te and non-members will understand:

    - The very basics of how Google Analytics works.

    - How to interpret data and what it means to your business.

    - Refining data using segments to get to the truth of what your visitors are doing.

    - Quantifying how social media and other digital marketing activities impact your website.

- Understand the importance of goals and objectives that you can measure.


Should I Bring Anything?

If you are able to bring a device (Laptop/Tablet) that allows you access to your Google Analytics then you can try to follow along to certain sections and interpret your own data.

Who is the trainer?

Alan has worked in the web industry for 16 years on everything from Search Engine Optimisation to Paid Search and Website Design & Development. He has worked with small local companies all the way up to corporate giants including BP, Gleneagles, Dixon Group, BBC Worldwide and Accenture.

 Alan ran a 5 week and 10-week workshop at Glasgow University’s Open Access Centre covering the website lifecycle of building, optimising, promoting and analysing performance. He’s also trained many different aspects of digital marketing to clients like how to use Content Management Systems, Mailchimp, Social Media and much more, if he doesn’t know the answer then he can find it.


8:45 - Arrival and breakfast

9:00 - Presentation / workshop

10:00 - Networking

10:30 - End

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