Mindset Mastery for Mental Health, Mental Fitness Would you like to learn how to use the power of your mind to feel better, achieve more and perform at a higher level in the things you love?

Are you someone who is passionate about your mental health and well-being, your personal development and achieving the things you want in life?

Whether you're looking to improve your mental health, accelerate your personal development or level up your professional or sporting performance...

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this workshop is meant for you!

Carefully designed to be powerful, practical and personal to your goals to give you everything you need to Thrive!
Personally and professionally - mentally, physically and emotionally!

Bringing together some of the best science-backed skills, tools and methodologies like NLP, Coaching, CBT and Neuroscience along with my own professional experience of working with clients.
“Professionally certified in Coaching, NLP and Energy Leadership what’s most important for you to know about me is that I'm human.I’ve experienced and overcome anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. I’ve been overweight, underachieving and unsatisfied with my life and myself. And I also decided that I, just like you, have the power to change and that I want to thrive!So I chose to dramatically transform my health and mindset, create a lifestyle focused on developing myself and doing the things I love and now run my own business helping others to do the same… to thrive!”
What you'll be learning on this full day workshop will be easy to understand and apply, fun and engaging and life changing!
Split into three sections, “Understanding the Mind,” “Mental Health” and “Mental Fitness & Optimal Performance,” the topics you’ll learn about are:

• How the mind works
• What drives your emotions and behaviors
• What mental health and well-being is
• Common mental health issues, how they work and what you can do about them
• What a mindset and mental fitness are
• How you can change your mindset and cultivate mental fitness
• Practical tools and strategies your mind loves for productivity and performance

And so much more!

Combining light-hearted humour, practical skills and knowledge and a fun and engaging learning environment by the end of the workshop YOU WILL:

• Have a sound understanding of how your mind works
• Know what mental health & well-being is and how to achieve and maintain it
• Know how to recognise and manage/overcome common mental health issues
• Possess practical tools and strategies you can easily apply in your daily life to accelerate your personal and professional growth right away
• Have your own personalised plan to improve your mental fitness & well-being, productivity and performance

You will receive your own workbook to work through on the day and take home to continue your learning and growth and help you to easily integrate and put into action what you have learned.

And above all, you will have had a great time with like minds learning, growing and developing yourself in a fun and engaging learning environment that guarantees you will never think the same again!

So, if you, like me, fear not utilising your true potential, settling for less than you want and are capable of and leaving the life you know you could have lived on the table…

Then reserve your space today and make the decision to master your mindset and turn your drive and ambition into sustainable, satisfying and impactful results.

Limited Early Bird Tickets Available!

Feedback from previous attendees:

"Wonderful! A great reminder of what I want to and need to focus on!" -James, Programmer Glasgow
"Enlightening and energising!" - Donna, Business owner & Entrepreneur, Glasgow
"Fab content, well executed and very engaging!" - Leslie, Coach, Glasgow
"It was something different and new I can use in my day to day life." - Andrew, Student, Glasgow

So if you are ready to take your mindset, growth and life to the next level click the tickets button above to reserve your space now whilst tickets last!

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