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The Play Gym 

As humans, we are capable of incredible levels of creativity. But we are not machines – we cannot simply flip a switch to get our creative juices flowing. Our adult lives are full of noise and challenges, so we need to understand how to transition into the right mindset. Each one of us is unique, and so is our creativity. Through the power of play, we can learn how to access our inherent creative skills, become braver, and connect more effectively with ourselves and others. This session will introduce the science behind play; how play is fundamental and an inherent human behaviour. We’ll look at what holds us back from being playful, using play as a tool for learning and problem-solving, and reconnecting with our playful selves. The will be an informal talk, accompanied by some fun and stretching exercises to help you unlock your creative potential. 

About Peachyface: 

Peachyface helps adults rediscover the power of play through games and exercises, inspired by the worlds of theatre and innovation. Just as you work different parts of your body at the gym, The Play Gym stretches different creative muscles. Subjecting your brain to new activities gives it a workout, building new pathways and developing core strengths and capabilities. The Play Gym explores skills such as imagination, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and resilience. 

About Sarah: 

Sarah is an innovation project manager, and workshop facilitator, bringing projects of varying scales to life, such as leadership events, NPD, brand ideation and strategy. She’s worked with major global brands, including Aviva, Centrica, Barclays, General Mills, Unilever and Diageo. Sarah also works as an actor, with particular interests in Shakespeare, clown and stage combat. Understanding the practical and emotional benefits of play from her experience in theatre and innovation, she is striving to help adults integrate the richness of play into their lives.

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